Nigerian Digital Artist Semilore Stef Ogunsanya

Semilore Stef (b. 1998) is a visual artist who focuses more on digital art and graphics design. He is currently a graphics designer for Femihandbags in addition to making art.

Following his studies in architecture, in 2019 he got into making digital art and has since had his works feature in multiple exhibitions, most notably and recently the NFT NYC in New York, where his piece was displayed at the famous Times Square. His works are influenced by his emotions and desire to share a part of himself with the world. Forms, space, colors, and other artists’ works inspire him to a large extent. His works mainly focus on human emotions and expressions and he explores different styles in order to bring his visions to life.

Apart from making art, he is the creative director for a brand called “mrtyr” which he created in 2021. Among his proudest accomplishments is the branding and graphic design direction of the Lagos Leather Fair (LLF5) 2022.

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