Graphic Art & Digital Collage Inspiration from Nat Girsberger

Swiss Brooklyn-based Artist Nat Girsberger creates art interpreting the unseen, a realm that includes the personal inner world, music and a collective psyche. Nat visually explores profound themes beyond the edge of perception and words and hints that everyone’s reality may just look a little different. Her colorful, retro-futuristic collages encourage viewers to connect to their unseen potential and go beyond what they thought was accessible to them.

My collages encapsulate the past, present and future to defy the limits of what we perceive. I use retro material that I carefully select to hand-make collages, applying an instinctive, ‘automatic’ process of selecting and arranging. This traditional, analog approach, in conjunction with using vintage imagery, allows me to understand myself as but a construct of my past experiences. Grasping how a confined reality, agreed upon by a collective unconscious, has come to exist then leads to its artistic defiance. I challenge the result of our conditioning by setting my collages in the future. Like the unconscious, this dreamlike realm of time knows no barriers of what is possible, and therefore, frequently clashes with what we selectively perceive. I attempt to find a place where I can defy gravity and explore our planet and solar system. The visual outcome is connected to the core of our truly surreal existence. I create a more satisfying way of existing as a being of the present – a present in which I am quite capable of embracing my inner multiverse.

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